Tobias Möller mit dem Soho Quartett live on stage

Cinema Nocturne


The title Cinema Nocturne was inspired by a nightly visit at the cinema.


The project is dedicated to the music of Tobias Möller which is influenced by jazz and rock but also by the rhythms and the poetry of brazilian music. The musical limits stay open for all that creates exciting stories on the "nightly screen".


The first album of this new project was recorded in November 2012 and is available in the Shop of this website.



Soho Motion ( 06:04 )



Caminho de bambu ( 05:18 )



Almost Africa ( 06:52 )



Cinema Nocturne ( 09:01 )



Em boas mãos ( 05:21 )



November Prayer ( 06:49 )



Cupuaçu ( 07:33 )



In a yellow tone ( 04:31 )